Rocket SLA battery ESP series

rocket sealed lead acid battery esp series

Type: Sealed Lead Acid VRLA
Capacity Range: 40 to 200 AH
Nominal Voltage: 12 VDC
Plates Material: Alloy of lead, calcium, tin
Terminals Material: Silver plated copper
Case Material: Compact ABS plastic
Gas recombination with electrolyte
Good performance in wide temp. range
Excellent recharge recovery
Low internal discharge rate
Stable quality with high reliability
Rocket ESP series sealed lead acid batteries made by Sebang Company of South Korea with the most advanced technology and high density of lead, calcium and cut alloys for use in general applications such as UPS, renewable energy systems, telecommunication equipment, etc. They are designed and produced automatically. The use of calcium alloy in the manufacture of quality plates and separators has resulted in good charging and discharging efficiencies with high currents and excellent performance over a wide temperature range in these batteries. The use of epoxy sealant completely prevents electrolyte leakage and makes the battery maintenance-free.

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battery voltage during discharge time in Rocket Battery ESP
Battery capacity is the product of the discharge current and the time it takes for the battery voltage to reach the specified minimum. This diagram shows the decrease in battery voltage over time under different discharge currents. For example, it shows that after about 20 minutes, if a battery with 2 times the capacity (2C) of discharge and current is drawn from it, its voltage will increase from 12 volts to about 9 volts. This diagram, with the help of discharge current tables, determines how long it takes for the voltage to reach the final limit of the table for a particular discharge current.
battery capacity with temperature in Rocket Battery ESP series
Battery capacity is a function of ambient temperature and battery discharge rate. Low temperatures reduce battery capacity and high temperatures can damage it. This diagram shows that the capacity of the battery under different charging currents varies from three times the capacity to 0.05 times its capacity at different temperatures, and shows that the temperature must be raised to charge the battery; But if the temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, it will no longer have much effect and we will have saturation in the graph; So to balance the stored capacity and output and maintain battery life, it is best to charge / discharge the battery at 25 degrees Celsius.
battery capacity with life in Rocket Battery ESP series
This diagram shows the life of ESP Series Rocket batteries based on its discharge by Float discharge at an ideal temperature of 25 ° C. Based on this, it is determined that under ideal maintenance conditions in the eighth year, the battery will reach 80% of its nominal capacity.
battery capacity with number of cycles in Rocket Battery ESP series
This diagram shows that if the battery is subjected to certain conditions and with different discharge depths (DOD) [this means charging and being used to a certain level, for example 50%], the number of cycles that have been charged and discharged, in The amount of final capacity it can maintain is affected.
If the batteries are discharged with a higher DOD (per cycle), the capacity of the battery to store energy in cycles of about four hundredths of a second will decrease rapidly. (That is, for a load after 400 hrs, the battery capacity is reduced to 60% instead of 100%.) This diagram shows that if only up to 30% of the battery capacity is used per discharge under the above conditions, its life is up to about 1600 cycles Will go up; Of course, this also has another meaning, which is that if we use a battery with a higher nominal capacity for a shorter time and use a small capacity, its annual life and the number of times it will be charged and discharged will increase.
The selling price of the Rocket ESP series battery varies according to the requested capacity. For information on inventory, price list and purchase of different capacities of this battery, contact the sales department of Zener Engineering Company.
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All kinds of electrical equipment such UPS, telecommunication equipment, renewable energy systems, measuring equipment and instruments, signaling equipment, mapping equipment and, etc.
Technical Specification
Type of Battery
Technical Spec.
Nominal Voltage 12 VDC
Nominal Capacity - select a model from top -
Internal Resistance - select a model from top -
Charge Voltage Cycle use: 14.4 VDC @ 25 °C, Standby use: 13.32 VDC @ 25 °C
Max Discharge Current - select a model from top -
Internal Discharge 3% per month @ 25 °C
Temperature Conditions
Optimal Working Temperature +25 °C, ±3 °C
Discharge Temp. Range -15 to +45 °C
Charge Temp. Range 0 to +40 °C
Storage Temp. Range -15 to +40 °C
Physical Spec.
Dimensions (W × D × H) - select a model from top -
Weight - select a model from top -
Type of Terminal - select a model from top -
Other Features
Standards UL, KS, TSE
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