Taurus UPS

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taurus online ups, 10 to 80 kVA

Topology: Online Double Conversion
Power Range: 10 to 80 kVA
Input/Output: 3:3
Installation Type: Tower
Isolation: UPS + Isolation Transformer (1)
Battery: Internal or External (2)
Wide input voltage and frequency
Unity output power factor
Works with various no. of batteries (3)
Up to 6 UPS in parallel function (4)
Color and touch LCD display
Monitoring via network feature (5)
Taurus UPS with Online topology provides high quality output, fully stabilized voltage and frequency, stable and reliable for sensitive three-phase consumers. Wide voltage range and input frequency, has led to the high compatibility of this UPS with a variety of diesel generators. The feature of power expansion or increase of system reliability (Redundancy) is available by parallelizing up to 6 UPS devices with the possibility of using common batteries. The four-and-a-half-inch color LCD display with Touch screen capability displays the values of various device parameters well. It is also possible to place two sets of batteries inside the UPS (up to 40kVA) or provide it with a high current charger (custom equipment) to charge external batteries.

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Output power factor one determines the high ability of UPS to power all types of consumers (ohmic loads, inductors and capacitors) to the same extent. This UPS supports SD memory card that can transfer device settings and stored information to the memory card using the options provided on the display. With USB and RS-232 serial ports, remote emergency terminal (EPO) and two slots for communication equipment such as NetAgent module, one input and three programmable relay contact outputs, any possible connection to this UPS to Well predicted. The four-bridge Maintenance Bypass switch is located in this UPS to transfer the power supply of consumers from the inverter to the main input power without any interruption.
Zener UPS Taurus LCD display
This UPS is designed to take up as little space as possible; At 40 kVA power with two sets of internal batteries requires 0.37 square meters of space for installation. Taurus comes with IP20 permeability. UPS with dual input system (Dual input) can be provided upon order. The diagrams of both situations with single input and dual input are plotted in the following figures.
Zener UPS Taurus dual input system diagram Zener UPS Taurus single input system diagram
(1) It is possible to install insulated transformers inside the UPS up to 40 kVA power if ordered.
(2) It is possible to provide UPS with two sets of internal batteries up to 40 kVA if ordered.
(3) Exceptions at 10 kVA, the number of batteries varies from 26 to 40.
(4) To perform the parallel operation, the Parkit module must be provided with the corresponding connections for each UPS.
(5) UPS monitoring under TCP/IP protocol requires SNMP module and under Modbus/Jbus protocol requires RS-485 module.
Taurus UPS is suitable for use in data centers, computer networks, laboratory medical equipment, transportation and navigation equipment, industrial plants and safety and security systems. The selling price of this UPS varies depending on the model and power requested. Please contact the sales department of Zener Engineering Company to find out the inventory, receive the price list and purchase the various capabilities of this UPS.
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Software and Accessories
UPS remote monitoring package
UPS local monitoring software
UPS local monitoring software
UPS remote monitoring
USB port extender
Serial port extender
Environmental sensor
Isolation transformer
Technical Specification
UPS Model
Input Spec.
Nominal Input Voltage 380, 400, 415 VAC three phase
Input Voltage Range ±20% @ 100% load, -40% to +20% @ 50% load
Input Frequency Range 50 or 60 Hz (tolerance 40 to 70 Hz)
Input Power Factor ≥ 0.99 (full linear load)
Input Voltage Distortion (THDi) < 3%
Inlet Terminal block
Bypass Spec.
Bypass Voltage Range 380 to 415 VAC three phase (Preventive range: ±10% adjustable ±5% to ±15%) (Critical range: ±25% adjustable ±16% to ±30%)
Bypass Frequency Range Frequency selected (±1 Hz or ±3 Hz configurable)
Output Spec.
Output Power - select a model from top -
Nominal Output Voltage 380, 400, 415 VAC three phase Static variation ±1%
Output Voltage Range 380 to 415 VAC
Output Frequency Range 50 or 60 Hz selectable (tolerance ±0.01% free running)
Output Power Factor 1
Output Voltage Distortion (THDu) < 1% with linear load, < 3% with non-linear load
Output Wave form Sinusoidal
Efficiency up to 96% in VFI mode, up to 98% in ECO mode
Outlet Terminal block
Battery Spec.
Type of Battery - select a model from top -
No. × Voltage - select a model from top -
Overload 100% < Load < 110% for 60 minutes, 110% < Load < 125% for 10 minutes, 125% < Load < 150% for 1 minute, 150% < Load < 300% for 3 seconds
Protections Over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, excessive low battery
Alarms Line failure, battery low, over-load, fault conditions
Physical Spec.
Dimensions (W × D × H) - select a model from top -
Weight - select a model from top -
Environmental Conditions
Working Temperature Ambient: min 0 °C, max 40 °C, Recommended for battery life: 20 to 25 °C
Working Humidity max 95% non-condensing
Altitude Level 1000 m @ nominal power (Derating 1% power for every 100 m above 1000 m, max 4000 m)
Noise Level - select a model from top -
Other Features
Communications Standard RS-232, USB, 2 slots for communications interface, EPO, dry contacts, 1 IN + 3 OUT
Standards IEC EN 62040-1, IEC EN 62040-2, IEC EN 62040-3
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