UPS Power And Battery Capacity Calculations

UPS power calculation

A UPS can support a certain amount of consumers. There are two defined measurement criteria for UPS. One is the maximum apparent power characteristic of the load (in terms of volt-amperes and kilovolt-amperes) and the other is the maximum actual power characteristic of the load (in watts). To choose the right UPS, consumers' power must first be calculated. Given the total calculated power, it is better to choose a higher power UPS.
In general, the power required to select the appropriate UPS can be calculated from the following two methods:
1- We calculate the power consumption of each consumer equipment in terms of watts and collect it together and divide it by the output power factor of UPS; UPS power is obtained in volts.
2- We measure the current consumption of all consumer equipment and multiply by the amount of the city's voltage (220 volts). The power of the UPS is obtained in terms of volt-amperes.
However, it is recommended that the load connected to the UPS be considered to be a maximum of 70% of the output power of the UPS so that loads with high instantaneous current do not cause overload in the UPS.
For example, consider a company with six computers If the power of each computer is assumed to be 250 watts, the total power of the computer will be 1500 watts. Now, to select a UPS, we calculate 30% higher than this power, which will be equal to 1950 watts, according to the above-mentioned point, so according to the UPS power factor and that in the market, the UV power. The PS is known for its appearance and in terms of kilovolt amperes (kVA), which in this case the appropriate UPS will be 3kVA.
Approximately using the above method can help you in choosing a UPS; However, other components such as motor loads, loads with intense instantaneous current, environmental conditions, etc. are also involved, which results may be different in some cases; Therefore, we kindly recommend that you leave this to us.

Calculation of the battery

After estimating the power and selecting the appropriate UPS, by placing the numbers related to the required support time, the estimated power and the voltage of the UPS battery, in the following formula, the required battery clock is easily obtained:
Battery ampere clock = (UPS battery voltage) / (required support time) × (estimated power)
In the above example, we assume that 6 computers require 2 hours of support time; Of the 3kVA UPSs available in the Ares Plus UPS, six need 12-volt batteries. Using the above formula, we will have:
3000 × 2 / (6 × 12) = 83.33
So a battery with a capacity of about 83 amps can power six computers for up to 2 hours. Since there is no battery with this amp in the market, we choose the first battery with a higher clock amp, ie a 100 amp clock battery.

Required Power Calculation Form

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