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Zener Engineering Company (PJS)

ZENER Engineering Company (PJS)

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Zener engineering company (PJS), founded in 1981 is among the most experienced companies in the power and electronics field in Iran. We offer a wide range of products in the field of generating electric power including online, offline and line-interactive UPS both single and three-phase from home and office to medical and industrial applications, sealed lead acid batteries, automatic transfer switch (ATS), monitoring systems, environmental sensors and related accessories. Zener Eng. Co. provides optimal technical support in order to create the best possible customer satisfactory regarding the uninterrupted function of its equipment. This is achieved using over 60 trained personnel. Our colleagues in sales and marketing department and after sales services department are trained to give our valued customers consultation in finding the most suitable products for their need, design and execution of uninterrupted electrical systems while providing special solutions. In addition to manufacturing single and three-phase UPS, sealed lead acid batteries both with Zener brand, Zener engineering company is official and exclusive agent for Riello UPS (from Italy), Ablerex UPS (from Taiwan), Rocket and Newmax batteries (from South Korea), Interberg batteries (from Spain) and Starway batteries (from China).
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