Questions And Answers About UPS, Battery, Zener Services

Basic questions

What is a UPS?
Abbreviated as "Uninterruptible Power Supplies" means uninterruptible power supply. An uninterruptible power supply is a device consisting of solid components that is connected between the input power supply and the consumer and prevents the occurrence of input power disturbances, including its complete disconnection. In fact, it is a combination of converters, switches and energy storage (battery) that forms the power system to maintain, maintain and connect the load power in the event of a fault in the input power. In fact, using a backup power supply such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will enable you to overcome most of the city's power problems, as well as protect against total power outages.
Why do we need UPS?
How many types of UPS do we have?
What are suitable UPS batteries?
What is the useful life time a battery?
What is Backup time?
What should be considered before installing UPS and batteries?
What should be the environmental conditions of the installation site?
What equipment can not be connected to the UPS?
What is the difference between UPS and Diesel generator?

Technical questions

What is Line-interactive UPS?
This type of UPS includes devices that have tried to provide better performance than the Offline series by adding a voltage regulation system in the Bypass path. Two of the most common systems in this category are UPS equipped with Buck / Boost transformer and Ferroresonant transformer. Similar to offline models, the Line-interactive model feeds its load through the bypass path and transmits it to the inverter in the event of any accident that causes a power outage in the city. In terms of battery, charger and inverter circuit are similar to the offline system, but due to the addition of voltage regulation circuit in the bypass path, less load is transferred to the inverter. Such a system has a greater impact on reducing costs and longer battery life compared to the Offline series.
What is the difference between Online UPS and Line-interactive UPS?
Single-phase or three-phase UPS? What are the characteristics of each?
What should be the input specifications of the device?
How to estimate UPS power and battery capacity calculations?
What are the UPS output specifications?
What is the importance of power factor (PF) in UPS?
What does THD mean in UPS?
Small and scattered UPSs or a large UPS? Which is more suitable for me?
What are the advantages of UPS with isolated transformer?
What is the difference between Modular and Standalone UPS?
What is the difference between linear and nonlinear loads?
What does protection class or IP in UPS indicate?
Do I need a 12-pulse UPS?
What should I do if I want to synchronize the UPS with the diesel generator?
What is the difference between nickel cadmium and lead acid batteries?
How many years is the useful life of a battery?
What are the factors affecting the increase in UPS battery life?
What is an SNMP card and what are its features?
What is meant by a 10 year old battery?
What are the advantages of using Parallel UPS system?

Questions about buying and ordering

What are the steps to purchase from Zener Engineering Company?
1- Expertise and estimation of customer needs and presentation of solutions and product suggestions
2- Receiving customer purchase request and price offer
3- Sending a pre-invoice to the customer
4- Receiving pre-invoice confirmation and agreement on payment method
5- The company's action to prepare approved pre-invoice items and issue customer invoices
6- Performing the final steps, issuing product warranty and delivering the goods to the customer
I need advice to choose a product; How can Zener Engineering help me?
Are all the products I see on the website available for sale?
When will the goods that are not available be offered?
How can I find out what country my product is made of before buying?
Are the products Original and do their specifications match the site information?
Do I have to take any action before using the products from Zener Eng. Co.?
Can I install the purchased goods myself?
Do I have to pay a separate fee for the installation of the purchased equipment?
What should I do if the item I received is inconsistent on the website?
What should I do if the received product has a technical defect or damage?

Questions about after-sales service

What do I need to do to install and set up my equipment?
After the delivery of the order, you can call the after-sales service unit by calling +9821 66 72 3972 (ext. 2) to send a technician to start the equipment; This coordination can also be done by the relevant sales expert.
What does product warranty include?
What causes the warranty of the device to be revoked?
What causes the battery warranty to be void?
What does after-sales service include?
Will it cost me to move and reinstall the equipment?
What does service and maintenance of UPS and battery include?
What are the benefits of a service contract and maintenance of UPS and battery?
What do I need to do to file a repair request?
I did not procure my equipment from you; Can I leave the maintenance to you?
I need more training on my equipment; How can you help?
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Zener engineering company (PJS), founded in 1981 is among the most experienced companies in the power and electronics field in Iran. We offer a wide range of products in the field of generating electric power including online, offline and line-interactive UPS both single and three-phase from home and office to medical and industrial applications, sealed lead acid batteries, automatic transfer switch (ATS), monitoring systems, environmental sensors and related accessories. Zener Eng. Co. provides optimal technical support in order to create the best possible customer satisfactory regarding the uninterrupted function of its equipment. This is achieved using over 60 trained personnel. Our colleagues in sales and marketing department and after sales services department are trained to give our valued customers consultation in finding the most suitable products for their need, design and execution of uninterrupted electrical systems while providing special solutions. In addition to manufacturing single and three-phase UPS, sealed lead acid batteries both with Zener brand, Zener engineering company is official and exclusive agent for Riello UPS (from Italy), Ablerex UPS (from Taiwan), Rocket and Newmax batteries (from South Korea), Interberg batteries (from Spain) and Starway batteries (from China).
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