PowerShield3 Monitoring Soft.

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powersheild3 ups/ats monitoring software

Type: Monitoring Software
Platform: Local or Remote
Protocols: snmp/http/https
Operating Systems: Windows, MAC, ESX, Linux, Novell
Compatible With: UPS, ATS
UPS and ATS monitoring software
Remote or local monitoring feature
Automatic shutdown feature
Auto save open files
Send event log via e-mail
Send event log via SMS (1)
PowerShield3 monitoring software with updated user interface, allows the management and monitoring of UPS as Local (serial port or USB) and Remote (under Ethernet network). Information such as input voltage, output and batteries, load consumption, working condition of the device, temperature and humidity, etc. can be seen in this software, as well as reporting device parameters (data log) and reporting events (events log), capabilities Sends via GSM modem in the form of SMS, fax, voice alert and also via email to the system administrator and defined users. The computer shutdown command (Auto shutdown) is issued in case of power outage or a certain amount of battery charge percentage is set by setting in this software, and shuts down any computer on which PowerShield3 is installed.

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This software fully supports the SNMP protocol and sends the received information from UPS and environmental sensors via trap with RFC1628 standard. The computer or server on which this software is installed and configured, depending on how it is configured in the event of defined events (such as power outages, reduced battery charge, etc.), receives an automatic shutdown command (Auto Shutdown) ld. Ability to save open files before the client or server automatically shuts down, is included in this software.
PowerShield3 runs after installation as a service in the background of the operating system and is constantly connected to the NetMan 204 module. In the following two cases, the shutdown command is sent as Shutdown or Hibernate (if supported by the system):
1- When the input power (AC) is cut off for the set time.
2 - When the device is in the state of battery power (Battery Low).
Another important feature included in this software is the ability to run a custom script before executing the shutdown command; (This feature can be used to turn off virtual machines.)
In the Standard version of this software, it is possible to monitor a UPS, but in the Full version, up to 32 UPS or ATS devices are supported.

(1) In order to use the SMS sending feature, a GSM modem must be provided.

PowerShield3 monitoring software
You can download the standard version of PowerShield3 monitoring software for free on this page for different operating systems.
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