NetAgent Software Pack

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netagent ups monitoring software package

Type: Monitoring Software
Platform: Local or Remote
Protocols: snmp/http/https
Operating Systems: Windows, MAC, ESX, Linux, FreeBSD
Compatible With: NetAgent module
UPS monitoring software
For remote or local monitoring
Automatic shutdown capability
Auto save open files before shutdown
Automatic send event log via e-mail
Automatic send event log via SMS (1)
NetAgent software package is a complete package for managing and monitoring UPS by NetAgent module in Ethernet network. Information such as input, output and battery voltages, load consumption, working condition of the device, temperature and humidity, etc. can be seen in SNMPView software and data log and events log in this software in addition It can be viewed via GSM modem via SMS as well as via email to the system administrator and defined users. The computer shutdown command (Auto shutdown) is issued in case of power outage or a certain amount of battery charge percentage is set in ClientMate software, and shuts down any computer on which ClientMate is installed.

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The NetAgent software package includes the following software and files:
Netility software to set NetAgent module network parameters
Netility Software
This software is used to perform the basic settings of the NetAgent module. It works in such a way that at the beginning of the execution, it searches the NetAgent modules in the network from their MAC address, and after finding them, the user can select the list and make the next settings.
ClientMate software for use NetAgent auto shutdown feature
ClientMate Software
The computer or server on which this software is installed and configured will receive an Auto Shutdown command depending on how the configuration occurs when defined events occur. After installation, ClientMate runs as a service in the background of the operating system and is constantly connected to the NetAgent module.
SNMPview software to NetAgent module remote monitoring
SNMPView Software
Used to monitor NetAgent modules in the network. In this software, up to 1000 SNMP modules can be viewed centrally; Acceptable graphical interface allows the user to view all UPSs in different geographical locations in a list and be easily notified if there is a problem in any of them.
Time Server Software
If there is no NTP server in the organization, it is possible to synchronize the date and time of all NetAgent modules in the network by installing the Time Server service.
SMS Server Software
If necessary, you can set up the NetAgent modules to send event reports via SMS by installing the SMS Server service on a computer or server connected to a GSM Modem.
IMConfig Software
Similar to SNMPView software used to monitor NetAgent modules under the network; The only difference is that some custom options for NetAgent module settings can be done in software.
MIB File
The MIB File is for NetAgent SNMP modules; This file contains the parameters specific to each UPS, which is used to define its characteristics and parameters in other monitoring systems such as BMS.
(1) In order to use the SMS sending feature, a GSM modem or SMS server must be provided.
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File Name Volume Update
A compressed ZIP file ClientMate ver.6 for Windows
8.66 MB
An Adobe Acrobat file NetAgent Software persian brochure
752.37 kB
A compressed ZIP file Netility ver.5.1 for Windows
4.14 MB
A compressed ZIP file iMConfig ver.1.3 for Windows
3.47 MB
A compressed ZIP file SMS Server ver.1.7 for Windows
3.98 MB
A compressed ZIP file SNMPView ver.5.8 for Windows
7.67 MB
A compressed ZIP file TimeServer for Windows
933.89 kB
A compressed ZIP file ClientMate For VMWare ESXi
2.05 MB
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